In order to enable caterers to meet their legal requirements under the Food Information for Consumers Regulation, product information (including allergens) is provided by way of product labelling.

In addition, Holdsworth subscribe to Erudus which is a tool used by food manufacturers to maintain and share their product specification data. Our own product information database is automatically updated with this information and can be provided to our customers. This product information has been supplied by the manufacturers of the products and, whilst Erudus take steps to ensure the information is regularly updated, they and Holdsworth give no warranty (either actual or implied) or guarantee that the information is accurate.

Product information and ingredients may change; it is possible that where a product recipe changes, there are products made to the old and new product specification in the supply chain. Product labelling is the most accurate and up to date source of product information. Please always read product labels carefully rather than relying solely on the information provided by Erudus or other third party product data sources.